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Do you offer warranties on used parts?

Yes, most parts come with a 30-day warranty. Your warranty will start on the day your part is pulled and ready for pick-up.

We warranty Engines, Transmissions, Differentials, Carriers, Fuel Pumps, Alternators, Starters, Compressors, Radiators, Condensers, and Window Motors.

We do NOT cover Electrical Parts including: ECM, PCM, BCM, Stereos, Electric Switches, Instrument Clusters.

We do NOT cover wearable suspension parts including: tie rod ends, ball joints, wheel bearings, and bushings. They should be inspected and replaced by the installer.

Tires are also sold AS-IS.


Can I get a refund if a warrantied part is not working.

Yes, you must have your reciept for proof of purchase and your part must have been marked by an employee at time of purchase. We have a 50% restock fee on all UNUSED warranty parts. The part MUST be returned in the same condition.  We will give you a full refund if your warrantied part fails within 30 days of purchase.   Any part that has been disassembled, broken during installation or removal, misused, or modified in anyway will be rejected for return. The only time we can provide a full refund is if the part is defective or if we made a mistake on our end by pulling the incorrect part.

Can I get a refund if a non warrantied part is not working or if I don't need the part?

Body cuts, Special orders, electrical parts, suspension parts, fuel tanks, body parts, or any non warrantied parts that were ordered by mistake will not be refunded. The only time we can provide a full refund is if we made a mistake on our end by pulling the incorrect part based on the vehicle information given to us by you at time of purchase. If you made a mistake and gave us the wrong year and we pull what you requested, it is your mistake and you cannot get a refund.  We will however give you a discount on the correct part when this happens.  If you cannot provide your old part as proof that we made a mistake on our end then we will not be able to remedy your issue. It is never our intention to give you the incorrect part, but mistakes do happen occasionally, and we want to correct the problem.


Will you pull my parts before I arrive?

Yes, if you pre-pay we will have your parts ready when you need them. Call 317-248-1483 and a member of our sales team will start you work order and take you payment. We can have most parts ready same day if you call before 3:00. We have a $5/day storage fee for all parts not picked up within 3 days of ordering, unless other arrangements are made at the time of purchase.


Can I pull my own parts?

Yes, We allow mechanics from local shops to pull their own parts to avoid long wait times. 

No, We do NOT allow the general public to pull their own parts, but you are still allowed to look around and inspect your parts before we pull them for you.


Can I get discounts if I think your price is too high? 

Yes, It never hurts to ask. If we have too many of the same part we can always give a discount. But if we only have one of something and its in high demand we will want fair market value.  Some parts can be discounted depending on condition and age of part in inventory. We also give 10% off if you are purchasing more than 4 items at the same time, are Active Duty Military, a Veteran, or a Senior Citizen. We can also give you 10% off your first purchase if you let us add you to our mailing list.


What is a core charge? Why do I have to pay more to keep my old part?

A core charge is a standard fee in the automotive parts industry.  A lot of parts on cars a wearable parts that can be re-manufactured and resold at a fraction of the cost of producing a new part. Recycling your old auto parts is a big part of what we do here at Indy-Westside Auto Parts.  Your old parts have value and we want to do our part to help divert valuable materials from our local landfills. We are happy to waive the core charge if you have your old used part available at time of purchase.  If not, you can return your old part with your receipt and we will refund the core charge.

Where are you? I can't find your location.

We are located on Indy's southwest side at 505 South Tibbs Avenue in Suite #4.  We are south of Washington Street and north of Morris Street near the Tibbs Drive-In Movie Theatre. There is a huge billboard on South Tibbs with our address. There are several parts yards at this location, so we call it junkyard alley. Turn on junkyard alley and come to the end of the drive. Don't let our competitors mis-inform you, we are still at the end of the drive in a brown log cabin on the right side of the drive.


Can't find the answer your looking for?

Please give us a call at 317-248-1483 or 317-248-1481. A member of our sales staff will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.  You can also email us at or message us onfacebook.






An automotive dismantler will verify availability and quality of your part as soon as we gather your information. 


We inspect your parts requested minutes after your call.


You get real time accurate information.


We will get the parts you need at a fair price almost every time.


No misinformation

No inventory mistakes

No misrepresentation of quality

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